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Welcome to the FusionSilicon Miner Store. Shop here for our latest ASIC Crypto Miners. We Manufacture some of the most stable and profitable miners on the market and aim to make ASIC miners affordable for everyone.

Shenzhen Fusionsilicon Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has been focused on semiconductor products and their series of solutions development and manufacturing, the entire team from large chip design enterprises, the core team has more than 15 years of integrated circuit design experience, Strong algorithm and protocol analysis capabilities, focusing on digital currency mining industry chain chip design and machine design, R & D, production. Rich product line with a variety of over-count chips, gathered around the world a large number of customer resources, including Russia, Vietnam, Australia, the United States, India and other countries. With its strong R & D investment and scientific research strength, rapidly growing into the industry excellent encryption chip R & D enterprises.

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